We are the One and Only Day Care That has a Separate Location for Puppies!
Doggy Day Care in Arlington, Mass.: PDDC

Welcome to PDDC!

PDDC, Puppy Doggy Day Camp, has two convenient locations in Arlington, Massachusetts; Warren St. for puppies, Forest St. for adult dogs.

They are places where your dog can have hours of fun and exercise when you can't be there. Our staff is comprised of trained professionals who love dogs. They'll give your dog lots of personal attention throughout the day, along with the opportunity to exercise, mentally and physically. Your dog will have plenty of room to play and have fun all day in a safe, attentive environment.


Our 87 / 91 Warren Street, Arlington (781-777-2701) location is designed to fulfill all of your puppy and adult small doggy day care needs. We will accept puppies at the age of 12 weeks and small dogs at this location.

PDDC and Zen Dog Training have collaborated together to create a progressive and unique puppy day camp experience.

In addition to day camp, the PDDC puppy-only location on Warren Street provides enrichment experiences for puppy socialization, house training, and can help with preventing separation anxiety.

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Adult Dogs

When your puppy is age appropriate he/she will join the adult dogs camp located at 5 Forest Street, Arlington (-781-777-2701).

PDDC’s Forest Street location has been providing a unique day camp experience for five years. There are three rooms dedicated to small, medium and large breed dogs.

  • Each member of our staff is professional, well-trained, and experienced.
  • We have one attendant for 14 dogs; an extraordinarily high ratio, to ensure that your pet gets the personal attention it deserves.
  • Our facility is cage-free.
  • We make sure dogs are friendly with people and are compatible with our other campers. Before we accept a dog, it goes through a rigorous screening process.
  • Each dog is walked individually throughout the day on our lawn for daily relief breaks.
  • We have special areas for dogs of various sizes. We'll match your dog with the right group of playmates for safety and fun.
  • Enrollment requirements and forms.

We'd love to show you around. Come in and take a tour; you can set up an appointment by calling 781-641-7900 or emailing us.

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